Globe and mail horoscope march 11 2020

Both the Sun and your creative ruler Venus cross the midheaven point of your chart this week, which means that the time has come to get serious about your ambitions. So isolate your number one goal and focus on it to the exclusion of all else. Which means you have no reason to let a lack of cash stop you making fundamental changes to the more lacklustre aspects of your life.

Because there is a Full Moon in your birth sign this week, partners and loved ones are likely to be particularly demanding. It is all part of their repertoire of dramatic effects: ignore it and they will calm down and start behaving normally.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

It would be wise to keep certain thoughts and feelings to yourself early in the week, especially when it comes to those closest to you, as they are likely to be oversensitive. They will be much easier to approach once Venus, planet of harmony, enters your opposite sign on Wednesday. Even so, it will still pay you to be diplomatic. Mind planet Mercury resumes its normal direction this week, which means that any doubts you have had about your abilities will quickly be forgotten.

On the work front, in particular, you will soon be in control again.

Planetary Locations During September 2–8, 12222:

You are closer to completing a creative project than you seem to realise, so try pushing yourself that little bit harder. Once you have got that maxim firmly fixed in your mind, you can prove that you have what it takes to compete at the highest level. A new cosmic cycle is about to begin, and what you begin this week will be touched by genius. Now, with the Sun and diplomatic Venus moving in your favour, you have no excuse for putting it off any longer.

Your Weekly Astrology Overview: September 2-8, 12222

Say what you have to say but try to sugar-coat it. No matter how painful it is, you will feel a great deal better once it is resolved. The more effort you put into trying to find a solution to a financial problem, the more one seems to elude you. A bit of lateral thinking will help you to make sense of what currently seems to make no sense at all.

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With Jupiter sitting in your seventh house until December, you could get engaged or married, or embark on strategic joint venture that pays dividends. With Uranus moving back into Taurus on March 1st, you may feel more pronounced mood fluctuations than usual. Get a little creative with your self-care routine, and try saunas, sensory deprivation tanks, or potentially a new therapist. With Uranus around, a second opinion is always wise.

On September 14th, the Harvest Moon will culminate a major career effort.

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Whether or not you win, it will be exhausting, and you should budget some recovery time. The weeks following are an excellent time to take a vacation, either to console your bruised ego or celebrate your hard-earned victory. Either are best served with a cocktail by the beach.

The Worm Moon on March 20th will be a difficult one at home. Activate all routes of escape, including going for long walks, staying late at the office, or finally catching up with old friends. Your begins with the Wolf Moon, a lunar eclipse blood moon , in your sign on January 20th, which will feel as intense as it sounds. It may bring up issues that you grappled with last July, allowing you to finally put them to bed. But this year is actually all about love, Leo. Your work and career may endure a shakeup, with Uranus moving into Taurus on March 1st. Perhaps you switch jobs or professions.

This theme will continue through the end of the year, and on December 26th, the solar eclipse new moon in Capricorn may find you hard at work rather than on vacation. This is your year of home improvement, Virgo.

The year ends for you with an incredibly romantic solar eclipse new moon in Capricorn the day after Christmas. This is an incredible opportunity to meet someone new or solidify a connection you already have, and you could wind up traveling together for the holiday, then coming home to someplace amazing.

Use your powers for good, because you are more powerful than you think this year. The year ends with a very sweet solar eclipse new moon in Capricorn on December 26th, and you might play host for the holidays. Your career has been dominating your thoughts lately, and the January 20th lunar eclipse blood moon the Wolf Moon may deliver a setback of sorts that causes you stress. However, you may feel a bit helpless or powerless around the Flower Moon in your sign on May 18th. With Uranus planet of innovation also in Taurus at this time, the cosmic assignment will be for you to explore how to meet your own needs in new ways.


While your personal life is getting busier, your day-to-day work is receiving a boost from Uranus moving into Taurus on March 1st. Taurus is a highly material sign, and with a volatile, intellectual planet like Uranus stationed there, you may see your office renovated or your role totally redefined. For you, Capricorn , this year may be one of major self-reflection and strength training.

Literal and emotional. Which will be necessary to endure the year of eclipses, two of which are in your own sign. On July 16th, the Buck Moon lunar eclipse will fight with Venus, planet of money and love, so you and your spouse may argue over money.

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If you can be creative with fewer resources a trip to the spa rather than a safari , you can get through it. Then on December 26th, the solar eclipse is much more benevolent, bringing you a romantic and easygoing end to the year. If you are, then the two of you may take up an artistic hobby together that you get really, really good at.

You never know where it might lead — for both of you. Welcome to your year of rewards, Aquarius. If last year was about getting yourself invited to the party, this is your year of enjoying the party. But be warned: the Wolf Moon, which is a lunar eclipse blood moon , on January 20th in Leo will rock your marriage, potentially bringing up issues that were present last summer. The place you call home may change maybe more than once with Uranus moving into Taurus on March 1st.

The planet of sudden shake-ups and innovation may inspire you to move towns, to completely redecorate, to sell and then rent, or finally buy. Uranus is impossible to predict, but the key to managing all that volatility is through embracing the unusual. This is the year of your career, Pisces. With this placement, your efforts will not be wasted if they are sincere.

If you raise your hand, the universe will call on you. The magnitude of this opportunity cannot be overstated.