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Im quite happi coz the episodes on in england rite now contain a load of spike.

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His british sense of humour is wicked just like all brits are. Thanx 4 this site. Comments: you need to change all the parts where you state that that Angelus sired Spike in the late 's being that we just saw in "Fool for Love" aka the Spike story that Drusilla sired him in the late 's.

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Suggestions: Non. Very cool spike Site. Favorite Episode: All of them. Zodiac Sign: Gemini. Comments: I am Drusila. No joke. That was the name I was born with Your site is seriously one of the better ones I've seen so far.

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  4. I'd type more but one of my other vampiric friends, Miquel, is playing with my cell phone and it's get ing annoying. So, thanks for the cool page, it will definatly be going into my faves. And friends. So, thanks for the cook page, it will definatly be going into my faves. Suggestions: MORE! Comments: Kat again! I left something out last time! Comments: This isn't a really a comment its more of a suggestion to add to your quotes If you like , i don't think you've got this one so here goes "Love isn't brains children, it's blood, blood screaming inside you to do its will".

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    Hope you like, Oh yeah! Cool site!! I'm addicted, all right? Suggestions: None really One of the best Favorite Episode: Something Blue Comments: Lovely, lovely. Original notions, complete run-downs, great topic. Like the touches about history and England. Spike is, by far, the coolest, sexiest vampire since Dracula.

    Amazing how he grabs you after just a brief brush. Comments: Spike is the main reason i watch buffy so lets have more spike in more episodes. Comments: i love your site. Suggestions: um Zodiac Sign: Virgo. Comments: brilliant pages Comments: I am so happy I founed this page. I found a nother but I think I like this one more. Comments: Very nice! Bu what's your bloody e-mail address? I need to ask you if I can use some of your pics and sounds.

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    Comments: I absolutely love the site, but it needs more Spike and Dru. They are our gods.

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    Anyway, see you all. Favorite Episode: I just started watching this season, but so far Comments: Awesome site! I would have a Spike site, but no page builders will work for me for some reason. Very nice. Comments: Great site!! Zodiac Sign: virgo. Comments: i LUV spike he is a babe!!!!!! Comments: this is my first time signing a guest book. PS the spike theme is broken Favorite Episode: Becoming and all of the ones where he has the chip in him! Zodiac Sign: Aries. Comments: This is the best and most imformative page I have ever seen. It must have been hard to make because of how darn slow geocities is!

    The creator must have loads of patience! Comments: This site is sooo cool! I love spike and everyone at my school says that me and my boyfriend are like mainly personality 4 him, but personality and looks 4 me Spike and Drusilla, so they have nick-named us Spike and Drusilla. I love James Marsters espec ally as Spike! Favorite Episode: hallowen.

    Favorite Episode: school hard. Zodiac Sign: sagittarius.

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    He totally rocks and i would like too meet him one day. Comments: Fantastic site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it. When you're a real fan of Spike, then this is the place to be. It takes a while to see the whole site, but it's worth it! Keep on with the good work, it's perfect!!! Comments: Wow, this place rocks. I love the amount of information, pictures, and jokes availible.

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    Favorite Episode: "hush" Zodiac Sign: pices. Comments: spike is my favourite character and all the stuff you have in here is great!!!!!!! I only started watching buffy this season due being overseas I was introduce to buffy by my sister. I enjoyed looking at this site so I can catch up on my buffy gossip. Comments: this is great and i was wondering where did you get james marsters singing my way i loved it!

    Comments: I think your site is wicked cool. Spike is my favorite BTVS charact r and i was happy that they made him a regular on the show this season.