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The other is astra , a projectile missile invoked by reciting hymns. Offensive astras and their Defensive astras or Upasamhaara Astras that can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes are: [9]. Rama sent Hanuman to know about Sita, who was held captive by Ravana in Lanka. Hanuman met Sita and passed the message of Rama to Sita.

The other purpose of this mission was to spy on Lanka and its forces. Hanuman fought with them and swiftly destroyed many soldiers. Hanuman even killed the Vatika's guard Jambumali and Ravana's youngest son Akshayakumara Indrajit's brother. Indrajit entered the battlefield. He used tantrik vidya as well as several astras on him. Though due to the boons by various gods, most celestial weapons of Indrajit had no effect on Hanuman. Indrajit then used Brahmastra and out of respect of Bramhmastra, Hanumanji allowed the weapon to capture himself. Indrajit then arrested Hanuman and presented him in front of his father King Ravana.

Indrajit joined the battle when all his brothers had been killed by Rama and his army. His father, Ravana, had been humiliated in the battle by Rama and his paternal uncle Kumbhakarna had been killed by Rama. Indrajit fought with Rama's army for three days. On the first day of his battle with Rama's army, Indrajit was fast with his weapons.

He swiftly wiped out the armies of Sugriva , calling on Lord Rama and Lakshmana to come out of their hiding, so he could avenge the deaths of his paternal uncle and his brothers. When Rama and Lakshmana appeared before him, he fought fiercely and arrested both the brothers using his most nefarious weapon Nagapash a trap made of a million snakes.

Both the brothers fell on the ground breathless. They were rescued by Garuda on behest of Hanuman. Garuda was the enemy of the serpents and also the flying vehicle of Vishnu , of whom Rama was the seventh avatar. When Indrajit learned that both Rama and Lakshmana had been rescued by Garuda and were still alive, he was livid and vowed to kill at least one of the brothers that day. When the battle started, he used all his force to cast a havoc on the armies of Sugriva.

At this Rama and Lakshmana appeared before him and fought a fierce battle with him.

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Indrajit used his supreme magical powers, darting across the clouds and skies like a bolt of lightning. He combined his skills of sorcery and warfare, repeatedly vanishing and reappearing behind Rama's and Lakshmana's back. Indrajit used the Vasavi Sakthi against Lakshmana, and upon being impaled Lakshmana fell unconscious, poised to die precisely at the following sunrise.

His life was saved by Lord Hanuman , who brought the whole mountain of Dronagiri from the Himalayas to Lanka overnight to find the remedy the magical herb - Sanjivani for the weapon used by Indrajit and cured him. When Indrajit came to know that Lakshmana had survived again, he went to his native deity's secret temple to perform the yagna that would make him invincible.

Vibhishana , Indrajit's paternal uncle who left Ravana to join Rama, learned of his nephew Indrajit's plans through his spies and alerted Rama.

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Lakshmana and Vibhisana took the opportunity to face Indrajit in the "Yagnaagaar", where Indrajit would not touch any weapons. As the Valmiki Ramayana quotes, upon his Yagna being destroyed by the armies of Lakshmana, Indrajit became enraged and stormed out of the Temple Cave. Indrajit fought Lakshmana with the utensils of the yagna. Seeing his uncle Vibhishana at Lakshmana's side multiplied Indrajit's fury manyfold. He vowed to kill his uncle Vibhisana along with Lakshmana once and for all, letting loose the Yama-astra which he had been conserving for punishing Vibhishana's perceived treason.

At this juncture, Lakshmana protected Vibhishana, countering the Yama-astra owing to an earlier warning by Kubera. A fierce battle ensued and Indrajit resorted to using the three Supreme Weapons Brahmanda astra , Pashupatastra and Vaishnavastra on Lakshmana. To Indrajit's surprise and dismay, each of the three weapons refused to touch Lakshmana, with the Vaishnavastra circumambulating Lakshmana before disappearing.

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Realization dawned on Indrajit that Lakshman was not an ordinary human and had met the criteria to defeat Indrajit, i. Indrajit vanished briefly from the battlefield, returning to Ravana at the royal palace, and reported the developments, proposing that his father make peace with Rama. Ravana blinded with pride was unrelenting and annoyed, claiming that Indrajit was a coward for having fled the battlefield.

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This accusation provoked Indrajit who briefly lost his temper, striking fear even at the mighty Ravana's heart before apologizing and clarifying to his father that his primary duty as a son was to serve his father's best interests and that even in the face of death, he would never abandon Ravana. Preparing to go back to the battle and knowing that he indeed faced death at the hands of a heavenly incarnation, Indrajit said his last goodbyes to his parents and his wife. He returned to the battlefield and fought Lakshmana with all his skill at both warfare and sorcery. The celestial weapons of Indrajit refused to harm Lakshmana because Lakshman was the part incarnation of Vishnu and Sesha Naga.

Lakshmana slew Indrajit by beheading him with the Indrastra. It was possible only because of a curse given to Indrajit by Sesha Naga for marrying his daughter without his permission. Sesha Naga incarnated as Rama's brother Lakshmana, to kill Indrajit, didn't have any sleep or food for twelve years during their exile so that he would be able to serve Rama and Sita efficiently and meet the criteria to kill Indrajit. Indrajit is said to be the most skilled warrior even surpassing Rama , the avatar of Vishnu. Indrajit with the help of Shukracharya acquired weapons from Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, including the boon that he would remain immortal as long as he fought from the divine chariot which rose each time he performed sacrifices to Pratyangira at Nikumbhila.

He was said to be so skilled in archery that he could slay multiple opponents with one arrow shot from his bow. Indrajit was also capable of spreading darkness and ignorance among enemies, which greatly empowered the might of the Rakshasas. He even defeated Indra and all Devas and captured all of them. Indrajit was well versed in using divine weapons and shot serpents in the form of arrows at Rama and Lakshmana.

On the second battle at Lanka, Indrajit infused the power of the Brahmashira astra into his chariot, bow and arrows and slew six hundred and seventy million Vanaras in one day. Indrajit was capable of producing a false version of Sita and killing her in front of Vanaras, demoralizing them.

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Lakshmana had to employ deceit to kill Indrajit. Lakshman started the fight with Indrajit before sunrise, which was considered to be prohibited at that era. Lakshmana with the help of Vibhishana , the brother of Ravana , by employing deceit disrupted the sacrifice of Indrajit at early morning.

Lakshmana with the help of Vibhishana , who had earlier betrayed his brother Ravana, ambushed Indrajit and finally killed him. Meghnad is the central figure of Meghnad Badh Kavya, a Bengali ballad, which describes Meghnad as a caring husband, a devoted son of parents and friend of all people.

It is based on the demise of Meghnad Indrajit , son of Ravana , the villain of the classic Sanskrit epic Ramayana. It was first published in , incidentally the year of birth of the Bengali author, Rabindranath Tagore , who afterwards wrote a review on it. The ballad is divided into 9 different sarga s, i. Starting from the death of Beerbahu, a son of Ravana, it is continued till the sati-daha the ancient Indian custom of burning the widows alive with the dead husband of Prameela , Meghnad's beloved wife.

Since according to this ballad, Meghnad's wife is Prameela, it can be reasonably believed that Sulochana was also known as Prameela. Ravana , along with his sons, were the ones performing evil deeds in the Ramayana , which was originally written in Sanskrit by the sage Valmiki.

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But Dutta claims to have found a tragic hero in Meghnad of Ramayana , as he was conversant in Western literature. According to him, he realized why Ravana had perpetrated such crimes and Meghnad was slayed by Lakshmana brutally in an unfair fight. He says that Meghnad was worshiping Lord Shiva in the royal temple of Lanka , while Lakshmana attacked him with some help from Vibhishana who is eventually an uncle of Meghnad. Meghnad asked not to fight with an unarmed person, rebuking Lakshmana as a coward; but Lakshmana did not heed him.

This unfortunate hero twice endangered Rama but could not survive himself in this unfair battle. This is the central theme of this epic. Here Meghnad is shown to be a patriot, a loving husband, a caring son and a friend to his countrymen.

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